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"You Are Not Unlovable. There Is Always Something To Love. Even In A Stupid, Stupid Universe Where We Have Hot Dogs For Fingers, We Get Very Good With Our Feet"

The fate of the Earth and reality itself is at stake when an interdimensional rupture shatters reality, forcing an unexpected hero to use her newly discovered abilities to battle strange and baffling threats throughout the multiverse.

Everything, Everywhere all at once is a 2022 movie starring Michelle Yeou as Evelyn, a Chinese-American woman who runs a laundromat which is not only struggling but is now being audited by the I.R.S. With marriage to her husband Waymond on the rocks and a distant relationship with her daughter, she begins to question the choices she has made in her life.

However, her life is turned upside down with one left turn at the I.R.S. What follows is a heartwarming, hilarious, action-packed adventure and drama involving a Racoon, hotdog fingers and a rather important bagel. 


A few months ago I released a Dr Strange art print inspired by the possibilities of the unreleased film The Multiverse Of Madness. For me the movie turned out to be a big disappointment and a wasted opportunity, Everything, Everywhere All At Once doesn't make that mistake.

It takes the idea of endless different Universes and gives you time to experience the Multiverse and even has small story arcs in each one. I shouldn't even compare the films as the general plot device is where the similarities end, Everything Everywhere is a proper well written piece of cinema. It deals with deep emotional themes such as regret, appreciating what you have and the complexities of families. Not often do you find movies today taking on the meaning of life and debating nihilism whilst mashing up the Matrix and a domestic drama.

Michelle Yeou is simply amazing in the role of the protagonist and switches from a frustrated downtrodden laundromat owner to a kick ass action hero with ease. She is backed up by a great cast in the guise of Jamie Lee Curtis, James Hong, Ke Huy Quan (who is making his comeback after not acting for years after The Goonies and Indiana Jones) and Stephanie Hsu as Joy.

The Daniels as they are known are Daniel Kwan and Scheinert are the Directors and do a great job of making a very funny and quirky script land and delivering enough action to drive the movie forward. One criticism is that it may be slightly too long but when your having this much fun and dealing with big themes I don't mind spending an extra bit of time it may have taken to get to the satisfying and poignant conclusion.

Best movie I've seen in a long time.

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