Wall Art Wednesday: The Fifth Element

“Me fifth element – supreme being. Me protect you”

Well this is it the final piece of art inspired by The Fifth Element. It had to be really literally about the fifth element, the character Leeloo.

Milla Jovovich plays Leeloo, On their journey to see the Diva to retrieve the precious stones, she informs Korben, "Me fifth element - ultimate being." "I will defend you" She has regenerated from cells of Earth protector to a gorgeous model with fiery red hair.


An outstanding performance by Jovovich. She's hilariously spot-on and really tough. She walks, talks, and portrays the character adjusting to a new world in a distinctive way.

Luc Besson wrote a dictionary of about 400 words for the language Leeloo speaks.
He designed it with some help from Milla Jovovich, who herself speaks four different languages in everyday life. To practice it, they would write notes to each other in the Divine Language, and could even have conversations together by the time the movie wrapped up.

To catch up on Earth's history and what humanity has been up to, she learns the history of mankind through a computer. She can fight with the best of them, kicking some butts with kung-fu. A trick repeated a few years later in the Matrix.

By the time they find the stones and go to Egypt to install the weapon, Leeloo is worn out and confused about why she is required to aid humanity after witnessing the harm they have caused throughout history.

If darkness, death, devastation, and conflict are going to happen regardless, Leeloo doesn't see the sense in trying to save anything. "Protect life—until death," she even adds. Korben and Leeloo discuss about things that are worth protecting. The ironic part is that as Leeloo presses Korben with questions they concentrate on Love itself. The spirit of love, not Leeloo, is what releases the Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element was nominated for an Oscar award in 1998 for Best Effects and Sound Effects Editing and also won a BAFTA award in the category of Best Special Effects. It is a fantastic tale of good versus evil in the far away future.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring The Fifth Element please feel free to chack out the entire collection here

This artwork of Leeloo from The Fifth Element was created first as a sketch, then later it was then digitally transferred. DP inked, coloured, distressed and finally printed via Giclee.  

Available in new 8", 12” or 20” Giclee prints on 310gsm material.



Kirk Evans

'Leeloo Fight' was created on August 24th 2022

- Limited to 50 copies

- Printed using Giclee and Hahnemühle German Etching 310 (gsm) paper for a superior handmade feel.

-Includes 1" border for mounting.


 Featured images: Luc Besson

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