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Manta Diablo, ink sketch original. A4

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I'm thrilled to introduce my latest ink - the magnificent Manta ray. With bold ink, I hope I have captured the sheer grace and beauty of this incredible creature. The Manta ray's distinct wing-like fins are a sight to behold.

To enhance the sketch's impact, I've added a splash of deep blue acrylic paint to the background, representing the vast expanse of the ocean in which the Manta ray roams. I'm delighted with the way this touch has added a new dimension to the piece, truly bringing the Manta ray's natural environment to life.

This artwork not only showcases the Manta ray's stunning beauty, but it also serves as a reminder of the need to protect these magnificent creatures and their ocean habitats. I have been fortunate enough to swim alongside these majestic and peaceful creatures and as an artist, I feel a responsibility to use my work to highlight the importance of conservation and sustainability, and this piece is no exception. 


Printed on high-quality archival paper with fade-resistant ink, is designed to last. It comes ready to frame, making it a perfect addition to any art collection or a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves nature or the ocean.


I'm incredibly proud of this artwork, and I hope it inspires others to appreciate the wonder and power of nature as much as I do.

The A4 size is perfect for framing, and the 300gsm acid free paper is durable and easy to care for. The pigment liner ink ensures a lasting finish, while the framed option is a classic wooden frame with glass to protect the artwork, in a stylish black.


- Original Ink Sketch 

-300gsm acid free white linen 

-Pigment liner ink

-Prints available 

-Framed and mounted option is a classic wooden frame with glass to protect the artwork.