Copy of About Basesketch

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Well not that far away…

I have always loved drawing, sketching and creating. I used to make my own comics, hand drawn, folded paper and stapled together. In fact I'm sure there's still a copy of Teenage Ninja Rabbits (I wonder what inspired that idea 😂)

Then for some reason I just stopped, life got in the way and I didnt pick up the pencils in any serious way until 25 years later (crumbs I'm old).

Picking up the pencils again…

During the pandemic I picked up some pencils and paper, for the next 500 days I sketched and you could say I had rediscovered my love of art.

So how did we arrive at Basesketch?

People began to suggest I should start selling some of my work and requested a couple of designs on T-shirts, so *spoiler* I did. Then I sold at a few local craft markets and again the work seemed popular and had some fantastic feedback.

So in 2021 I launched a place where I could show and share some of my designs that interest me and hopefully you. Adding new lines of Art prints, Limited edition Giclee Art and T-shirts every week.

Being a child of the 80’s and 90’s Movies, Music and TV of that era plays a very influential part of my thinking and can be seen reflected in the Art that is available in store (Star wars, Star Trek, Alien, Predator, Bladerunner etc..) 

Basesketch artwork has been commissioned on a variety of projects including Local elections, private work and by the Oculus gaming studio Ardooly for an 80s Vr arcade game and proof of concept Zombie game.   

So take a look around, follow us on social media and if you can, support Independent Art (and grab a cool looking tee)