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Jaws II 1974

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Your gonna need an even bigger canvas! This is a tribute to Steven Spielberg's classic movie Jaws, with this unique hand embellished print using acrylics and medium. This is a second variation of  Capturing the intense faceoff in the film. Every piece is completely different and unique as it is hand finished by myself, no two pieces are the same. It's the next best thing to the original painting .


read all about the movie here...

This artwork inspired by Jaws II was created using mixed media . It's printed, then a unique watercolour and acrylic paint is used to enhance the piece before finally a medium added for texture and finally a varnish to really enhance the image.

 Painted on a white linen 300gsm base.



 Kirk Evans


'Jaws II 1974' was created on January 19th 2023


- All unique 


- Painted and embellished by the original artist