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Oppenheimer's Reflection on wood vandalism.

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"Oppenheimer's Reflection" - Abstract Mixed Media Artwork

"Oppenheimer's Reflection," an evocative and thought-provoking piece of art that pays homage to the pivotal moment in history when J. Robert Oppenheimer witnessed the first atomic blast. This compelling artwork seamlessly blends elements of acrylic painting on parchment with a reclaimed and distressed wood.


It delves into the duality of human achievement and destruction and the somber reflection on the consequences of scientific advancements. This unique artwork serves as a visual and emotional tribute to that historic moment.


Mounted on a reclaimed and distressed piece of wood, the artwork carries the essence of history, symbolising the passage of time. The aged wood adds depth to the narrative, reinforcing the notion of reflection upon our past actions and their impact on the present.

Intentional Vandalism:

Embracing an unconventional approach, the artist purposefully vandalized the artwork by employing ripping and cutting techniques. This act of destruction represents the chaotic and destructive potential of the atomic bomb. 

Within the vandalized areas, haunting imagery of an abstract city devastated by an atomic bomb emerges. The juxtaposition of Oppenheimer's silhouette and the obliterated cityscape brings forth a powerful commentary on the implications of humanity's actions on the world.

Measuring 42cm x 60cm x 2cm, "Oppenheimer's Reflection" is compact yet impactful. Its size allows it to be a striking centerpiece or a compelling addition to any art collection.


 Kirk Evans


'Oppenheimer's Reflection' was created on July 20th 2023