Throwback Friday?

A bit tardy on the blog this week but this week (Wednesday) saw Harrison Ford turn 80, so here is a happy belated birthday to an actor who has appeared in some of my favourite movies, ones that helped shape my childhood and later fuelled my passion of travelling!

The amount of times I have seen Raiders I dare not say, and is a staple watch on my birthday. As a kid I was inspired to follow in indy's footsteps and wanted to see the world, and after leaving school I found my own adventures backpacking through Europe and later Asia (many, many moons ago!)

"American Graffiti," was Harrison Ford and George Lucas' first collaboration in 1973. He almost lost out on the classic roles of Indiana Jones and Han Solo because of this, can you imagine anyone else in those roles!?. Lucas initially decided not to use any of the "American Graffiti" cast in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope" (1977). In order to have the same number of actors reading for Han and Luke as were reading for Leia and Luke,  asked Harrison to read for an audition to help other actors and he soon changed his mind. After making two movies with him, Lucas initially objected to Spielberg considering him for the character of Indiana Jones, claiming that he did not want Ford to "become my Robert De Niro," alluding to Martin Scorsese's usage of him. Future Magnum Star Tom Selleck was cast and that was that, however not quite.

Tom had just completed the pilot for Magnum and CBS didn't allow Selleck to join the production for Raiders of the Lost Ark, despite Lucas and Steven Spielberg's numerous attempts. Therefore,  Selleck was forced to leave merely three weeks before filming was set to begin on one of the greatest adventure films of all time. 

Harrison Ford went on to become one of the biggest movie stars of the 80s and 90s. How did Indy get to 80?! This weeks sketch.....


Have a great weekend everyone!

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