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"What's the matter? The CIA got you pushing too many pencils? "

In 1987 Predator was unleashed to the public at cinemas, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch the leader of a band of macho special forces. A routine rescue mission in the depths of Val Verde jungle becomes complicated when CIA operative (Carl Weathers) does not tell them the actual reason why they are there and find themselves become the hunted.

A stone cold classic, a romping full assault on the senses with John McTiernan as director the action is perfect, the cinematography shifts between bombastic to pure moment of tension. The trick of the Predator using a cloaking device is genius as it lends a real 'Jaws best unseen' quality, but the special effects when the reveal happens late in the film is still iconic.

Arnie cements his place as the go to action star of the 80s, and there are more quotable lines than you can shake a stick (around) at.

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featured image: Arnold Schwarzenegger/20th Century Fox

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