T-shirt Tuesday: Element 3

“Yesterday's frog will be tomorrow's prince, of Fhloston Paradise! The hotel of a thousand and one follies, lollies, and lick 'em lollies. A magic fountain flow of non stop wine, women and cootchie cootchie coo! (sings) All night long. All night long, all night!!”
Todays tee is a nod to the cruise spaceship that is part of our featured collection on The Fifth Element. There is one more t-shirt to come to round out the Wear Art part of the collection with two more art prints also becoming available.
multi pass fifth element
The Fhloston Paradise t-shirt is in the style that all our tee's have recently shifted towards, a stamp effect. We love this style it also have had lots of positive feedback especially the updated predator 'if it bleeds' (which is available here). Another benefit apart from looks ace is that we can release sets of lino prints based on the tshirt stamp which will be available in an A5 size, the great news is that we are keeping the cost down as much as possible.
More on that next week. Back to Fhloston Paradise!
So in the film The Fifth element the last third takes place on the cruise ship Fhloston Paradise. Amidst playing talk-show guest to Ruby Rhod, Korben attends an opera featuring alien singer, Plavalaguna. Korben knows that Plavalaguna has the stones in her possession. However, both The Mangalores and Zorg are at Fhloston Paradise trying to get the stones as well.
All the actors and extras were seated as if they were going to witness a real concert. No one had seen the opera singer until the curtain was finally lifted, at which point everyone was face to face with the very blue alien with tentacles sticking out from everywhere. The look of surprise on everyone’s face is the real deal.
Luc Besson’s second wife (and soon to be ex wife as he ran off with Milla Jovovich), Maïwenn Le Besco may have portrayed the blue Diva Plavalaguna, her performance was purely lip-synced. Opera soprano Inva Mula provided the Diva's voice, Éric Serra, who was requested to produce something that would sound strange to human ears, wrote the original composition. The vocalist advised him that his song was truly hard for a skilled singer to execute when he delivered the sheet music to Inva Mula. The human voice could not change notes as quickly as it was printed on the sheet, she explained. As a result, the producers had to ask her to sing each note individually in the recording studio.
lee evans as fog from the fifth element
The scene is one of the best in the entire movie. During his 90s push as an actor stand up Lee Evans also pops up in a cameo as one of the ship's stewards, performing his slapstick bumbling routine.
Our Tee is a tribute to the 90s cult Sci-Fi movie and part of The Fifth Element collection, grab yours now.
The standard in premium unisex t-shirts. A well-loved favourite, featuring a crew neck, short sleeves and is designed with superior combed and ring-spun cotton.
 Features: Side Seamed. Retail fit. Unisex sizing. Shoulder taping. Preshrunk fabric.
 This product is made especially for you and is printed on demand!

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