Movie Marathon: Building Bridges

Jeff Bridges Movie Marathon

It's time for another movie marathon, in the past I've visited the likes of Kurt Russell, Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lights dim, popcorn at the ready, and the anticipation of a cinematic journey looms. Embarking on a movie marathon featuring the enigmatic Jeff Bridges promises a captivating odyssey through the diverse landscape of his illustrious career. I've picked the following which I'll be watching over the next couple of weeks, some I've seen others I haven't.


Jagged Edge

The marathon kicks off with the suspenseful thriller "Jagged Edge." Bridges' compelling portrayal adds layers to the gripping narrative.


The marathon takes a celestial turn with "Starman," where Bridges portrays an extraterrestrial being exploring Earth.

The Fisher King

"The Fisher King" brings a touch of magic to the marathon, with Bridges portraying a radio shock jock on a redemptive quest. The film's blend of fantasy and reality showcases Bridges' ability to navigate diverse genres.


A near death experience changes Jeff Bridges in Peter Weller's underrated gem.

True Grit

No Jeff Bridges marathon is complete without a journey to the Wild West. "True Grit" sees Bridges donning the iconic eyepatch as Rooster Cogburn, a role that earned him an Academy Award. The rugged landscapes and Bridges' indomitable presence make for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Crazy Heart

As the marathon unfolds, "Crazy Heart" takes center stage, a portrayal of washed-up country singer Bad Blake.

The Last Picture Show to The Big Lebowski - A Cinematic Culmination

The crescendo of our Jeff Bridges marathon arrives with the beginning in the 70s new Hollywood classic Last Picture Show to the cult classic, "The Big Lebowski." Bridges' iconic turn as "The Dude" is a cinematic feast. The Coen Brothers' masterful storytelling and Bridges' laid-back charm create a film that transcends genres, the dude abides!

One down!

So jagged edge ..

It's been a while since I've done a movie marathon. Previous ones were Bond, Arnie, Pacino and Kurt Russell. Tonight kicking off Jeff Bridges'othon with the 80s neo noir legal thriller, Jagged Edge made by the director of Return of the Jedi...🤷‍♂️🐻

Glenn close absolutely smashes out of the park along with Frank Lopez 😉.

A thriller which keeps you guessing despite the dubious legal process goings on. Tbh Jeff doesn't have a lot to do apart from being a bit smarmy but is easily charismatic enough to keep you guessing til the end. A solid start to Bridges'othon! 


The Abstract Czech Poster


During the 50s,60s,70s and 80s a wide range of strange and abstract movie posters sprung up in Eastern Europe, especially Czechoslovakia (as it was the known).

In the fascinating cinematic tapestry of Czechoslovakia, the absence of inter-studio competition was a defining feature, as the Central Film Distributors held sway over releases. Steering clear of the logistical issues of importing American marketing materials, the mantle of visual storytelling fell upon local artists. Here, in this cinematic nook, a curious byproduct surfaced—artists, unshackled from the commercial grind, found themselves at liberty to channel their creativity without the constraints of market pressures. Most of the time the artist had no idea what the film was about apart from a title and a brief synopsis! Some really interesting art came out of this strange marriage including this poster for the Jeff bridges and Glenn Close thriller Jagged edge. It certainly is more interesting than than the dull posters we tend to get now.

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