Sycamore Gap's guardian is no more

In Sycamore Gap, once a sight to behold,
A lone tree stood tall, its story told.
But with a heavy heart, we must confide,
That this symbol of beauty and history died.
The chainsaw's cruel buzz echoed through the air,
As the sycamore, majestic, met its despair.
It fell, leaving behind a void so vast,
A reminder that all good things cannot forever last.
Gone is the tree that once graced the land,
A chapter closed by the vandals hand.
Yet, in our memories, it will forever reside,
A symbol of nature's beauty, impossible to hide.
Though Sycamore Gap's guardian is no more,
Its legacy lives on in the hearts we bore.
A lesson learned about nature's fragile state,
To cherish and protect, before it's too late.
On September 28th someone destroyed 300 years of history as the famous tree at Sycamore Gap in Northumberland was vandalised and cut down.

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