T-shirt Tuesday

"Well, This Is Not A Boat Accident, And It Wasn't Any Propeller, And It Wasn't Any Coral Reef, And It Wasn't Any Jack The Ripper! It Was A Shark."

In 1975 the face of cinema changed, a film with a B movie plot elevated by a relatively unknown Director called Steven Spielberg unleashed the modern day blockbuster upon the world. Jaws, despite on set production problems became a phenomenon and a masterpiece in film making and allegories, it's much more than a popcorn creature feature.

It's a great movie and the dynamic between the three leads is fantastic, Robert Shaw as Quint steals every scene but Spielberg wins the movie.

As of now its currently streaming on Netflix and tomorrow(23rd March) in the UK is on ITV4, always worth a rewatch.

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featured image:The classic poster image from the first release of the film Jaws. Photograph: Allstar/UNIVERSAL/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

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