T-shirt Tuesday (Star Wars Collection II)

"They're the most heavily armoured ground vehicles in the Imperial Army."
AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) are just fantastic, I remember watching Empire as a kid and seeing these huge dinosaur looking creatures appearing in the distance during the battle of Hoth scene and thinking wow that is awesome.

Empire Strikes Back

Like most of the vehicles in Star Wars it became merch and toys, alas I could never afford any of the vehicles from the movies but a neighbour had both this and the Falcon so he became my friend! Fast forward to today and knowing I was revisiting a sketch I did a while ago to go on a tee I looked at the Lego AT-AT, things haven't changed I still can't afford one!

This tee design is based on a sketch I did a couple of years ago, so revisited it and adapted it into digital form and has come out really well.


AT-AT first appeared in Empire Strikes Back (Released in 1980). In this sequel, the risks and danger feel real and you are not quite sure that all the main characters will escape in one piece. Empire is chock-full of quotes and you can see the influence Lawrence Kasdan had on polishing up the script (he had co-written Raiders Of The Lost Ark) the characters are now more rounded and the relationships developed.

The use of stop motion still looks great and is a throwback to the great Ray Harryhausen, in fact upon Harryhausen's passing in 2013 George Lucas said, "Without Ray Harryhausen, there would likely have been no Star Wars".

Our tee is a tribute to one of the best movies ever made, the iconic 1980 movie, grab yours here.

featured image: lucasfilm/disney/kenner

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