Throwback Thursday

"There's no normal life Wyatt. It's just life. Get on with it."


Yee-haw, it's not Star Wars!
I'm raiding the vault for this week's Throwback Thursday and going to the old west to do it.
So I sketched this during the Pandemic and was drawn this week in 2020, I was in the middle of a Western movie marathon, revisiting some of the classics from the genre.

Such films as the Unforgiven, Wyatt Earp, Tombstone and even Bone Tomahawk. Wow, Bone tomahawk is an interesting one, I err enjoyed it? Be forewarned you need a strong stomach to watch, it doesn't hold back on the level of gore however, it's got Kurt Russell in it so all is (un)forgiven.

bone tomahawk
I would love to do a collection of art prints inspired by some of the classic Westerns, that's definitely going on the to-do list especially when I start producing some paintings on canvas. That is one for the future though as I have a fair few unfinished but almost complete pieces that I really must tidy up and get released, plus I've already started planning a Nic Cage collection which will be a bit eclectic!

So back to the sketch, the original inspiration for this Western marathon was that at around this time we were not allowed to socialise due to the pandemic so once a week I would get some beers in and load up Red Dead Redemption 2 with a couple of buddies online and escape out west for a couple of hours (trying to ignore what seemed the end of the world!).

It's nice to look back at some of my old sketches to see what I was up to, the progress I have made or to take a sketch and redo it as a digital painting.

Anyhow adios amigo and here is this week's sketch...

tombstone sketch

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