Walkabout Wednesday (Corfe Castle)

With the new collection of 'Where I live' started with the lovely Durdle Door, we decided to hunt out some more iconic Dorset landscapes.

Last week was a scorcher and made most of the good weather by visiting the beautiful beaches of Studland before heading off to this week's subject, the National Trust run Corfe Castle. 

corfe base sketch

Over a thousand years ago, the foundation stone of Corfe Castle was laid. It has had its fair share of conflicts, mysteries, and intrigue since then. It has served as a family house, military outpost even a royal home.

An Act of Parliament was issued in Wareham to demolish the castle after it had successfully fended off attackers for six centuries, the Bankes family had backed the losing side in the civil war. However Lady Mary Bankes put up a huge resistance, withstanding two sieges before ultimately being defeated after being betrayed. 

lady bankes

To send the towers and ramparts tumbling down, sappers excavated deep holes filled with explosives. This created the wide gaps and odd angles you can now see today.

corfe castle

The castle was returned to the Bankes family after a brief period of repossession, and it remained in their ownership for three and a half centuries.

The National Trust received it from Ralph Bankes in 1982 together with the family's significant Purbeck estates and their house at Kingston Lacy close to Wimborne, what a gift!

village of corfe

A truly iconic Dorset landmark, Im working on a water colour to share as a print but in the meantime here is this week's sketch and video!


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